Putting It All Together

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Putting It All Together Alferrica Trainer BSHS/452 Program Design and Proposal Sandi Miller April 21, 2013

A Childhood to Remember Memorial Splash Park has gone through the early planning stages. It is now time to take what the committee has composed on paper, and turn it into a reality. The planning stages has taken a total of three months to accurately address timing,
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First thing that was done was to surface the court with lights. The surfacing process took no more than three days. Lastly the court was lined and painted and allowed to dry. The basketball court construction was completed in a week and a half. The final week and a half was left to an intense community cleanup, with proper disposal, and reevaluations of each area. Each area was again passed and what could be recycled was indeed.
Additional Structures and Services As each area was built, there were also a specified amount of benches, three medium covered picnic areas, grills, and a mile walking circle enclosing the park added. These additional structures will assist in appealing to every one of all ages. The committee left no stone unturned when planning out Memorial Splash Park. Additional services must be provided to keep the park in pristine condition and safe for the patrons. Maintenance will be done quarterly by the Park and Recreation Department for the city. They will be accompanied by a structural engineer to ensure the structures have not been compromised by nature (severe thunder, hail, and rain storms) or defaced. Also the park will be opened from 8:00am to 10:00pm and will have two plain clothed armed security guards on duty during those times. The security guards are there to eliminate sexual predators, bullying, gang activity, and fighting. We want everybody to be able to come and have a great time


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