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Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Mr Janis Tiesnieks


Contents CIPD Profession Map 3 Behaviours 4 Bands 5 Role of HR 6 Effective communication 7 Communication methods 7 Effective service delivery 8

CIPD Profession Map

The standards set out in the CIPD Profession Map, developed in collaboration with HR and L&D professionals, senior business people, academics and their organisations across the world, aim to set the bar high, based on research for last five years. They determine what the best HR and L&D professionals and organisations are doing, what they know and understand, to really make a difference and drive the performance of the organisation.
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Band one * Delivering fundamentals * Client support and processing activity

Band two * Adviser, issues and leadership * Advising and managing HR issues, current/near term

Band three * Consultant, co-operative partner * Addressing HR challenges at organisational level, medium/long term

Band Four * Leadership colleague, coach. * Developing the organisational strategy, and HR strategy, partnering the client.

Role of HR

Human Recourses are essential in every business aspect, which includes people. HR cowers absenteeism, workplace culture, Motivation and incentives, legislation, Recruitment, retention, contract of employees, job description, Person specifications, Health and safety in workplace, Functions teams, authority and accountability, grievance procedures, disciplinary procedures.

HR costumers
HR are too valuable to an organization’s success to be completely invisible.

HR costumers are * Shareholders * Provide them with information, support them * Managers * Support line managers, provide them with


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