Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

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Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner

Activity 1

Firstly, this report will summarise the CIPD HR profession Map. What it is, how it can be used and where it can be found. Briefly detail the ten professional areas of the map, the eight behaviours and the four bands. Then it will go on to look at one professional area in more detail identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviours most essential to the role of Human Resource Business Partner in New Look.

The CIPD HR Profession Map
The HR Map can be found on the CIPD website. It is an on-line self assessment tool created for HR professionals by HR practitioners. It creates a flexible framework for career progression and is a convenient way to assess
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HRBP’s would aid with store closures and redundancies. They would provide the Regional Manager with statistics such as sickness and absence percentages.
A direct external customer group would be a Recruitment Agency. Whilst conducting the recruitment for the company the HRBP often may use a Recruitment Agency. They would need to communicate vacancies to them and keep up to date with what progress they are making on filling the vacancy. Provide them with job descriptions and person specifications for the role being recruited for.
Dealing with different customer groups can be demanding. Sometimes people think their needs are the most important. A HRBP may have to prioritise and decide what task they would do based on the importance to the overall business strategy and organisation. For example, a Regional Manager may need an absence report for the region pulling together. But a Store Manager may need support with carrying out a long term sick home visit. The HR person would have to decide how they would manage this and who to support first. A long term sick person has been away from the business for more than 4 weeks being paid full pay so the HR person would support with that first as it is directly costing the organisation money for the short term and support could be given to get the employee back to work


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