Dementia: Alzheimer's Disease and Person

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Imagine waking up and not knowing the person lying next to you. Imagine waking up and not knowing your own name, your birthday, or you age. Imagine having to look at your family and ask them who they are, or be reminded by flipping through a photo album. Imagine going for an evening stroll and getting lost, even though you are only a block away from your house. Imagine seeing your loved one not remember you. Imagine visiting them as often as you can, and every time having to remind them who you are, and how you affected their life. This is known as a disease call dementia. Dementia disease is very hard for the patient themselves, but often times harder for the family. Alzheimer disease is a form of dementia, and makes daily living very …show more content…

It is important to remember that people with Alzheimer’s disease do not choose to be forgetful, incontinent, agitated, or rude. Nor do they choose to have other behaviors, signs, and symptoms of the disease. Treat them with the respect and dignity. Talk in a calm voice and explain what you are going to do. Remember that this disease is hard on the patient. But also remember that when dealing with the family, it is very hard for them also. Every day they go visit their loved one, is a new obstacle for them. Having to re-explain who you are can be very tiring. The family often feels helpless. No matter what is done the person only gets worse. Much time, money, energy, and emotion are needed to care for the person. Anger and resentment may result. Guilt feelings are very common. The family also knows that the person did not ask for the disease, or is symptoms and behaviors. Sometimes it can be embarrassing to the family and they can become very upset and agitated that the loved one cannot show affection. The family is probably the most important part of the health team. They help plan the care that the person will receive. It is important for the family to find support groups. Alzheimer’s disease is a very hard struggle to get through. Support groups can help because everyone is dealing with similar issues and they talk to each


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