Understand the Process and Experience of Dementia

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Unit 13: Understand the Process and
Experience of Dementia
Unit code: DEM 301
Unit reference number: J/601/3538
QCF level: 3
Credit value: 3
Guided learning hours: 22
Unit summary
This unit provides the knowledge of the neurology of dementia to support the understanding of how individuals may experience dementia.
Learners taking the Dementia pathway in the Edexcel Level 3
Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England must take this unit.
Assessment requirements
This unit must be assessed in accordance with Skills for Care and
Development’s QCF Assessment Principles.
Assessment methodology
Learners can enter the types of evidence they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each assessment
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staff pagers, personal pendant alarms; an enabling and safe environment, eg handrails, safe flooring, use of colour/textures, practical aids
Techniques using the social environment to meet the fluctuating abilities and needs of the individual with dementia: use of social environment to enable positive interactions with individuals with dementia; use of reminiscence techniques to facilitate a positive interaction with the individual with dementia; holistic approach, responsive and flexible approach; involving family and friends, individual’s personal beliefs, focusing on strengths and abilities, effective communication; appropriate exercise, activities specific to the needs of the individual, eg music sensory; alternative therapies, eg aromatherapy, massage, sensory
Maintaining health and wellbeing: methods, eg conventional medicines, safe handling of medicines, complementary medicines, diet and nutrition, fluid intake, personal care, measures to reduce risk of infection
Myths and stereotypes related to dementia that may affect the individual and their carers: stigma and its impact on relationships eg social isolation of individual and carer, assumption of automatic loss of independence eg unable to drive, unable to make decisions about own care; dissatisfying interactions with the medical community eg difficulty in obtaining early diagnosis; uncertainty about availability of support services and treatments; importance of person-centred values eg


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