Scapegoat: Bullying and Exactly Scapegoating Looks

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Audelia Garcia
Professor Thweatt
April 26 2012
For centuries scapegoating has exist, as a society we use it in order to blame somebody else for our own mistakes it is also seen as a human habit. Scapegoating has been as an escape form for human beings, when something bad happens, society look for a person or victim to blame on, instead of them to be blamed. As people we discard the idea to be blamed, therefore we adopt scapegoating as a habit, unfortunately as humans it is very hard to accept our own mistakes. When we blamed someone else for our own misfortunes, the only thing we have in consideration, is the idea of not be blamed, but we never think on the consequences that the person would have to pass
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When we put ourselves on the side of the harasser, we never think on this, we just become miserable towards the victim, but everything would be different if instead of being the harasser, we put ourselves as the victims, everything would be a lot different, as far as scapegoating could be stopped. It could be stopped because people now would suffer the consequences, and obviously they would know that it is tremendously unjust.
Who were the victims of the past and who are the scapegoats now days? People had always sought for someone else to be punished back and now days. As for example back in the time the Jews people were blamed because of the Black Death in Europe, or kids that were brutally weep for the misdeeds of child kings. This are only a few example of how as a society, always pick on weak people, or people that had have problems before. This only proves that as a society we haven’t improved much. Now days as a country, we elude from our problems in other words from economical, or social difficulties by blaming other people but we never looked at ourselves. Back in the past Jew people were victims as well as the kids brutally weep or the women accused of witchcraft. Now what we call the modern scapegoating or the people who now society picks on, as an answer to their own insecurities. Immigrants are a part