Decision Making Case Study

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Decision Making Case Study
Managing in Today's Health Care Organizations
Instructor: Darlene Cantu
Camille F. Fuller

Decision Making Case Study
Health care is one of the largest growing industries in the country. Technology and medical advancements attribute to the constant changes in the health care industry. The economy also continues to change, and with the changing economy health care cost continue to rise. Companies across the nation have either closed or moved to other countries. El Paso County Clinic is struggling to keep the doors open. Buduget cuts have affected the clinic tremendously. The El Paso County Clinic’s budget has been cut by 15%. The population affected by the budget cuts are Medicaid recepients.
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Step 6 is the final step in Rundall’s Informed Decision Toolbox. The team must determine the adequacy of the information gathered for the needs, values and context of the organization. The decision made by the team will affect the final outcome of the budget. The outcome of the decision will also affect the services of the clinic and the patients, therefore the accuracy of the information must fall within the guidelines set at the begining of the informed decision process.
The Informed Decision Toolbox is used to assist decison maker in making the appropriate decisions pertaining to the budget cuts in the clinic. The decision must also meet the needs of the patients patronize the clinic. The most useful tool in the process is framing the question. Framing the questions direct the team to carefully look at the functionality of the clinic. Framing the question also causes the team to analyze each service and process within the clinic. Framing the question also assist the team in uncovering processes, and resources that can be either restructured or eliminated. Framing the question can also lead to other questions pertaining to the same situation but more indept. For example, what services can be outsoures? The question forces the team to examine all services within the clinic leading to more questions. Framing the questions makes the team accountable for the information gathered to make the informed decision. The team is


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