The Bluesky Software Consulting Firm

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The Blue Sky Software Consulting Firm

MNGT 6000-Integrated Studies in Management

People clearly are an organization’s most critical resource. Their knowledge and skills along with their commitment, creativity, and effort are the basis for competitive advantage. It is people that have creative ideas for new products or for process improvements that devise marketing strategy or take technologies to the next level.
As consultant for Blue Sky, it is my obligation to develop recommendations based on issues addressed in the case, to ensure Willis can develop an effective management team in accordance with company’s requirements.
Blue Sky is a fifteen year old software-consulting firm, however, has some obstacle to overcome. As the
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In her memo, she is proposing a three-day retreat for Blue Sky executives, and her main agenda for the meeting is developing a ten-year strategic plan. I think it would be beneficial to implement a strategic planning process for Blue Sky. It produces positive change for an organization and bridges staff and board directors (in the case of corporations). Benefits of Strategic Planning
This is a list of just some of the benefits that can be gained through implementing a strategic planning process(Anonymous, 2009). * Focus is placed on the important things. Resources (time, talent, money) are properly allocated to those activities that provide the most benefit. * Prove an awareness of the changing environment as a foundation for needed change. * Analyze the internal business culture and evaluate its impact on the company's performance. * Recognize the impact the changing business environment is having on the company and affect the needed changes in direction. * Become aware of the company's potentials in light of its strengths and weaknesses. * Identify and analyze available opportunities and potential threats. * May bring about a needed change of direction of the company. * Strategic issues can be brought up for top management review. * Able to set more realistic objectives that are demanding, yet attainable. * A need for better information for decisions making may be recognized. * Growth can be accelerated and


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