Outline Informative Speech

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NAME : Syifa Fadhilah Hamid
SUBJECT : Outline Informative Speech

SPECIFIC PURPOSE : to inform my audience about Deja Vu
CENTRAL IDEA : to inform my audience about the theory of Deja Vu. Including what, how and the effect about Deja Vu .
Attention Getter : I can’t remember any things well while I thought something happened to me, I feel like I ever seen something but I don’t know when it was or where it was. And I also feel like I’ve been somewhere but I don’t know when it was. It’s only like I ever do that but I unable to really remember when and how the earlier experience occured in detail.
Reveal the topic : I often feel this thing, when this happened to me, I was really confused and feel like at the
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Then Tonegawa do the experiment using the mouse by comparing the personal memory with the new memory that recorded in dentate gyrus. Dentate gyrus is a part from our brain, the function is to contribute the thought to the formation of new memories. So in this case explained why Deja Vu influenced by age because who getting older his dentate gyrus is can’t funcionate normally. Then can make us difficult to determine something happened is new events or for along time.
(Internal Summary) As we know many definition of Deja vu, we can define from all definition just now that Deja Vu is one of the phenomenon of the human brain. Because occurence of Deja Vu is correspond with our memories in the brain.
(Transition) we have known about what is Deja vu or the various definiton from Psychologist side. Then Let’s start to the real theory of Deja vu. II. (Main Point 2)
Actually many scientiest have been trying to understand this phenomena until all of them found at least 40 theories. I wouldn’t tell you all of the theory, but I will tell you some theories that you have to know. A. (Subpoint) First I will begin from Sigmund Freud’s theory, he is a legend Psycholog. But before that I’ll show you a famous picture. Here is it!! This is the illustration picture of the tip of the iceberg. The brain expert usually used this illustration to show how was our real mind. The water surface is our limit awareness, our conscious mind is the


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