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Abercrombie & #Fitchthehomeless

1) Why did this crisis occur? Why did Jeffries’s comments trigger such a large response? 2) Evaluate A&F’s response. What could the company have done better? 3) What changes should A&F make?

1) How does the internet change traditional channel structures? Does the internet facilitate disintermediation, re-intermediation or can it do both? 2) Can an intermediary serving two customers avoid alienating one of the groups as it searches for ways to grow? If not, why? If so, how? 3) What is the value proposition for each of Autobytel’s customers? 4) What is the basis of Autobytel’s market leadership? Is it sustainable? Why or why not?
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Is there evidence in the case that this approach has been effective? 3) How have EMC’s recent strategic moves (last 10 years) both supported and made customer centricity more difficult? 4) How is technology affecting EMC’s ability to execute customer centricity? What are the benefits and risks of digital interactions with customers? Can “high-tech” replace “high touch”? Why or why not? 5) Critique EMC’s methods for measuring and tracking customer satisfaction. Evaluate the effectiveness and risks of what they are doing.


1) What is GameStop’s value proposition and who are GameStop’s segments and target markets? 2) What are the expectation(s) of the target market(s) and what core objective(s) does GameStop use to meet these expectation(s)? 3) Does GameStop’s value chain differentiate it from its competition? If yes, how? If no, is this a potential problem? 4) What are the pricing strategies involved in the trade-in process and how does GameStop’s marketing support customer perception and sales? 5) How do GameStop’s internet sales contribute to its strategy? 6) What is GameStop’s growth strategy in 2006? 7) Who are the key competitors for GameStop and what advantages and disadvantages does GameStop have over each? Who do you think are the biggest threats to GameStop? Why? 8) What barriers to entry is GameStop trying to create? Will these barriers keep significant


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