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Written Analysis of Case (Custom Chip, Inc.)

Summary Custom Chip, Inc case describes the situation of a company where lack of coordination and cooperation among different departments is hindering them to achieve their common or ultimate goal as a single business entity. Applications engineering, product engineering and manufacturing are all inclined towards achieving their individual objectives and timelines rather than collaborating and synergizing their efforts in order to attain a common goal of effective production with improved cost reduction. Few of the primary reasons are insufficient and unorganized company policies for coordination and cooperation, poor networking with in the organization especially on management level, lack of
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This clearly indicates his reactive rather than proactive approach. I will use managerial roles frame work by Henry Mintzberg shown in exhibit 1 to describe Frank's performance as a manager. Frank was ineffective in informational role as he was unable to do research about internal and external environments of the firm thus being unaware of new ideas and trends. He didn't take time to search for any other organization facing similar problems, but he did pass on any information from other departments to his workers thus performing a disseminator role. In interpersonal roles Frank role as a leader was just normal, he was able to motivate his employees but was unable to reward them or compensate them by getting new human resource for the department. In the liaison role, he failed as he was unable to maintain good working contacts with manufacturing department. In decisional role Frank failed to the worst extent. He was unable to turn problems and opportunities into plans for improved changes; he failed to get approval to hire human resource from his boss because he waited to make a proposal to convince him but could never make one. He sort of manages as a disturbance handler by resolving conflicts and dejection of employees by motivating them and by networking with one of his peers. In negotiator role he failed again as he was unable to negotiate with Rod on a collaborative effort to solve documentation and training problem.



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