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* Stress is "a force that is external in nature that causes strain upon the body, both physical and emotional." * Two models regarding the use of illegally seized evidence are the crime control and due process models. * The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics is felt to achieve bringing about self-respect among officers; contributing to feelings of mutual respect among police, and contributing to the professional image of law enforcement. * Police legal duties can arise from many sources, including laws, customs, court decisions, and agency policies * A police officer cannot add to his or her list of probable cause used to make an arrest after effecting the arrest. * The Ecoterrorist group is responsible for the majority of …show more content…

* Recruitment techniques; developmental tools and career planning are considerations that police chiefs should take into account so as to provide for the ongoing supply of talent needed to meet organizational needs. * Most police organizations have remained paramilitary, bureaucratic, and reactive. * The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. * The two means by which a federal court may acquire jurisdiction over a police misconduct suit are Title 42, U.S.C. Section 1983 and the Bivens decision. * The principle of double effect holds that when one commits an act to achieve a good end, and an inevitable but intended effect is negative, then the act might be justified. * ICS stands for Incident Command System. * Strategies for police and citizens to help prevent school violence include publicizing the philosophy that a gang presence will not be tolerated, a code of conduct; and alerting students and parents about school rules and punishments for infractions * The slippery slope perspective proposes that the acceptance of minor gratuities begins a process eventually leading to more serious unethical conduct?

* One element used by courts to determine whether a police officer acted in "good faith" is the officer's state of mind. * Police legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of persons in their custody seldom results in liability for self-inflicted injury


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