Crimes of the Heart

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The bond of sisters is a very rare and special bond. Sometimes it is hard to like one’s sisters but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t love them. It’s ok to think to yourself how much you dislike a certain quality of your sister but if someone else dares comment you are ready to defend her. Sisters are not always the same. They each have their own characteristics, styles and personalities. One thing is for sure, they are the only ones that truly know your family past, because they lived it too. I once read a quote about sisters that I found very interesting. “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” This quote could not be truer for the McGrath sisters. In the McGrath garden three beautiful and unique flowers bloomed; Lenny, Meg …show more content…

Babe is the youngest of the three. Babe married when she was still very young. She married an older, wealthy lawyer when she was eighteen. Babe’s marriage was a way for her to get some kind of security and feel wanted. She also falls easily for men/ boys that pay her any kind of attention. She has an affair with a fifteen year old black boy. Babes tells Meg that she had an affair with Willie Jay because she was lonely. Babe is afraid to be alone. Unlike her older sisters, Babe doesn’t try to band-aid the events of her life. She keeps a scrapbook with both good and bad memories. She wants to be able to look back and know that this stuff really happened. When Lenny asks her why she keeps a book of such things Babe responds, “I Just like to keep an accurate record.”
Babe’s imprisonment turns out to be a blessing in disguise. It helps to bring the sisters together. The sisters use each other to get past their troubled youth. They realized that only siblings can truly relate to how things really went at home. There is nothing to hide because they also know the truth.
The big reunion helps Lenny realize that she does deserve to have a life of her own. She is not responsible for what her mother did. She is not a bad person and she deserves to have happiness in her life just as much as anyone. She finally gets the nerve to put cousin Chickie in her place. She sticks up for her sisters because she


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