The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

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The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

1. My impression of Duddy Kravitz after reading the first chapter is that Duddy is that he is one of the more obnoxious students at FFHS; he smokes and ignores teacher’s commands. Also he talks back to teachers. He seems to be more of a bad apple and tries to be the “funny/cool” one in his class, by drawing on the board and performing stunts like the one he did to the pastor at the new church by convincing him to hand out pamphlets at the school. He terrorizes other students at other schools with snowballs. Duddy is the leader of his group of friends and they follow him just like terrorizing students with snowballs. Over all Duddy does not emit the straight edge, straight “A’s” type of student
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Everyone in the hotel seems to like Duddy and have a relationship with him. They felt bad that this hard working, young, poor boy had lost all of his money. He was taught a lesson which cost him, but he learned and in the end it turned good for him as he was rewarded this extra money. It was a classic story, which everyone wishes for that when you have lost, you still win in the end.

10. I believe the humiliation Duddy got was justified he needed to learn a lesson, its all part of growing up. Duddy learned his lesson and maybe a harsher way but he learned it. Now he knows not to put all his eggs in one basket and about trusting others.

11. Duddy is hypnotized about what his grandfather has said “a man without land is nothing”, Duddy thinks that he needs land and then he will have made something of his life. Duddy is thinking that by building he then has done something in his life and can become like the boy wonder. It is a big risk and I think that the lesson Duddy learned in the previous chapters, are examples of foreshadowing. Duddy is going to put all his money and time into this lake and in the end it will not have turned out for him. He is gambling only this time the stakes are higher. His relationship with Yvette was emotional but now that she has brought the lake into it I think it has changed to a more business type of relationship. Duddy now depends on her instead of having her around just because he liked her.