Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults.

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Should juveniles be tried as adults? Some people disagree and others agree. Juveniles can be tired as adults committing crimes such as a DUI,minor in possession,robbery,rape,murder and any other crimes committed by an adult. The juveniles can be punished under the juvenile law. The juvenile law states that although most states try juveniles crime cases in juvenile court when the offenders is younger than 18, a few states have younger cutoffs (Juvenile Law). The treatment and successful reintegration of youth into society are the primary goals of the juvenile justice system, along with overall public safety (Juvenile Justice System). There are eight steps the juvenile justice process generally goes through which is …show more content…

Gregory Patton pleaded guilty to second degree murder. Because of his testimony prosecutors have agreed to recommend probation for Gregory Patton.(By Tim Potter). I agree with the judge for ruling that Laurel is tried as adult. He knew right from wrong and so did the others as well. Now they are suffering the consequences. Age shouldn't be a factor in the case of serious crimes. In the United States almost one-half of the crimes are committed by teenagers ages thirteen through seventeen. Again some people don't think teenagers shouldn't be tried as adults. They feel like it should be other alternatives that society can turn to, to help make the communities better places to live.How is that possible when they are committing crimes; if they do it now and don't get punished, it will be continued. The community will only get worse.I understand that teens or children are the adults future but they are committing adult crimes, they are throwing their own future away. It's only right that they suffer the consequences. Some kids don't have stable housing and also not the right parenting guidance; so that leads them to do things that aren't right. They are basically teaching themselves right from wrong but their rights be wrong. There is one alternative and that's "rehabilitation". Here's a case on that:In a May 1987 issue of Business Week followed up on a case when a 16 year old boy brutally raped and


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