Describe the Basis of Feminist Criminology

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The Basis Of Feminist Criminology Feminist criminology was created out of the realization that criminology from its beginnings focused on the male criminal and the unlawful acts they committed. When in the fact it could be argued female crime was studied as far back as 1800's, female criminal activity, its causes and the effects in which it placed on public opinion were often disregarded. Over the past 20 years, there has been a significantly different approach in how females are being dealt with inside the criminal justice system. This has been the result of a more broadening law enforcement effort, stringent medication sentencing laws, and post-conviction limits to reentry that would greatly influence females. While there seems to …show more content…

Costs of victimization
• Property defamation and loss: the value of the property destroyed and of property stolen and not recovered, in addition to protection claims set back the finances that show up in the victim’s property loss.
• Productivity: Loss of income, incidental needs, home maintenance, and missed school days by victims and their families. This class also includes profit loss by workers and supervisors recruiting and preparing alternatives for debilitated employees, stressing over an injured employee, and so on, and by individuals delayed in traffic brought about by driving accidents.
• Mental health awareness: installments of facilities to criminals by counselors, doctors, social workers, reverends or pastors.
Effects of Victimization
• At the time the crime is taking place, or after determining that crime has been committed, victims are likely to experience different physical responses. These may result an increased spike in adrenalin in the body, increased heart rate, hyperventilation, shaking, tears, numbness, a feeling of being paralyzed or constrained movements, dryness of the mouth, heightened sense of awareness, for example, resulting in a ''fight or flight'' reaction.
• Initially, victimized people may have a hard time coming to terms with being the victim of a crime. They may choose to block it out mentally. These experiences could last a few minutes to months or years depending on the


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