Using Death Row Inmates For Medical Research

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Katelyn Morgan
ENG 111 Shores
October, 2012
Using Death Row Inmates For Medical Research
Due to animal testing, one animal dies in a laboratory in the United States every second, in Japan every two seconds and in the United Kingdom every twelve seconds. Billions of non-human animals have been burnt, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, poisoned with toxic chemicals, and psychologically tormented because of medical research. Alternatives for these experiments have shown to be less expensive and can be used repeatedly. We are in desperate need of reliable medical research. Why not experiment and receive more accurate finding for our medical needs? Why not use people who didn’t think twice about giving up their so-called human-rights when
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Why not medically test human products on a human, who has willingly forfeited their life their rights when they committed their crime?
In Florida, the average length of stay on Death Row prior to execution is a little over 13 years. That’s 13 years of a three guaranteed meals each day, a housed cell with a bed to sleep on, entertainment, including television, magazines, and a radio, exercise material, and an opportunity to shower every other day. That is 13 years of life a criminal is still living, living off the same persons’ tax funds that he or she may have tried to kill or have permanently damaged their life in some way or form. A new study in California has found that the death penalty costs taxpayers $137 million dollars each year. Why not cut those costs, save our money, and let these inmates serve in a valued service for the greatest of mankind?
Human Rights activists might complain that it is unethical to use murders, rapists, drug dealers, serial killers and such as “lab animals”. It is also unfair that taxpayers’ money should contribute to keeping these people in prison years on end. As these people committed their crimes, they automatically “lost” their human rights. With this in mind, using them for the sake of medical advances will indeed redeem their lives in society and pay for their crimes at the same time. Inmates proven guilty and placed upon Death Row should indeed be involved in a selfless and valued service with a


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