Corporate Housing Marketing Plan

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I. Executive Summary

There are not too many people who are fully aware of what corporate housing really is and what it consists of. Corporate Housing offers an alternative to hotels when the clients are planning on staying for a couple of weeks. Our goal is to make our company memorable for every client, we need to get to know our clients and truthfully address their needs accordingly. We will be reviewing the nature of corporate housing, how we plan on presenting the product, what locations and demographics are ideal for this, we will research our competitors, and finally create a marketing strategy which will consists of our: pricing, promotion, distribution, and our sales support.
II. Business Overview

What is Corporate
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Where will cilents need these services? The services are more popular in the metropolitan cities (Kalpuch, 2010). We would be offering our services in the Rio Grande Valley. How often will they return? “In this business it is hard to maintain reccuring customers as often as a retailer would” (Kalpuch, 2010) It is ultimately up to us to provide excellent customer service because clients will be our main word of mouth, the clients might not be able to return as often as the would like but if they receive a wonderful experience they will be sure and spread the word. In the business to business market it will be a little easier as long as we do our part for them to keep coming back. In order to do this I would like to place customized gift baskets for our clients. This would set us apart from every other company because we would not be doing this in the beginning of the stay this would be done as a surprise during the stay. This would be more of a “thank you” for being choosing our company and by this time we would genuinely know what they customer would likes. We will still advertise on the apartment finder websites but we would keep it to a minium in the beginning, after some time it will be a goal to become known.
IV. Pricing and Promotion

We need to start off by developing our pricing objectives, we will need to take in to account the competitive affect objective where will be sure to take in to account


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