Marketing Flyer Plan

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XYZ Construction, Inc.

XYZ Construction Marketing, Inc. Marketing Plan
Pamela Bryant
Northcentral Univesity

This marketing plan will develop the expansion of the XYZ Construction, Inc. from the state and federal supported construction industry to the private and residential construction industry. The growth of the company as well as the future goals are to be developed through a marketing plan that will a strategy to enter a market that has not been explored previously. The next twelve months the company will seek development in all areas of the business that will transform the ownership from private to public. Bryant Consultant brought in as a contractor will help develop a marketing plan as the first step in the
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Department of Commerce, 2012). The effect this will have on the expansion into the residential market will be heavy in comparison to the effect of taking the company public. Taking XYZ from a private holding company to a public holding company and expanding its market share will be the focus of the flyer, limiting the amount of statistical information as it relates to the residential market. Analyzing the market will be beneficial in creating a target market for expansion. The focus will be residential homeowners looking to upgrade and improve existing sites, owners of investment properties and private business owners looking to upgrade, improve existing site or building new structures. The flyer will use the reputation of XYZ, the stability and quality of work to edge out the competition. The flyer should specifically outlines the specialty trends noted in Services that will drive business towards XYZ. The company’s focus will be the residential construction and privately owned business construction but will target a specific market to streamline the qualified business to a more defined market. This will not only help in market entry, but expanding the company’s already great reputation in this area of work.

Financial Strategy
This portion of the flyer will be most relevant to the transition from private to public company holdings.


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