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Name of Student: Fiona Cruickshank Student ID: 51125153
Course Name: Counselling Skills 1. Course Tutor: Anne Smith
Counselling Skills Essay 1. Date Due: 17 Nov 2011
Counselling is a form of communication whereby one individual, from now on referred to as the listener, forms a helping relationship with one or a group of individuals. (Hough 2010) A counselling type relationship is used in a multitude of everyday home and work settings. These individuals may not call themselves counsellors or indeed have any formal counselling skills training. It is this training that sets apart therapeutic counselling from other forms of helping communication. Sanders, (2007, p15) defines counselling skills as “interpersonal
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In order to successfully build this bridge appropriate communication skills, particularly active listening skills are essential. This involves paying complete attention to what the person is saying while at the same time observing both the verbal and nonverbal behaviour expressed by the client. This can only occur successfully when external distracting factors such as noise are minimised. Sanders (2011) writes about the three stages of active listening: observation, understanding and reflection. Observation involves picking up the relevant information from the client both verbally and through the feelings and body language expressed by them. Secondly it involves the listener understanding the meaning behind what they are seeing and hearing: What is the client feeling and what has given rise to these feelings? I have become aware as a listener of the importance of picking up on valuable clues which I hear from the adjectives and phrases used by the speaker. Phrases such as “I’m not happy” alert me but I realise that in order to convey empathy I need to confirm to the speaker that I have heard, and want to understand their unhappiness. By mirroring back what they have said: “you are not happy” the speaker is made aware that I am alongside them with feeling. By confirming my empathic understanding I can convey support and trust which encourages them to open up further. Through self


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