‘’Evaluate the Claim That Person-Centered Therapy Offers the Therapist All That He/She Will Need to Treat Clients’’

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‘’Evaluate the claim that Person-centered therapy offers the therapist all that he/she will need to treat clients’’

This essay is intended to explore the statement that Person-centered therapy offers therapists all they need to treat clients. In order to do this I intend to further explore the opinions of other individuals practicing and researching counseling therapies.

My first thoughts are that if the Person centered approach was sufficient, there might not have been such a great variety of other approaches such as Cognitive therapy, Existential therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy etc. Hence, we are embarking a course on Psychotherapy. A
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Furthermore, critics of Rogers's theories maintain serious doubts that therapists can, or should, establish a relationship of unconditional positive regard in the case of dangerously violent persons.
They also fail to understand how parents might put into practice his ideas when raising children whose behavior may sometimes be difficult to countenance with wholehearted approval. At best, Rogers's detractors claim, his ideas may be applied only among a limited range of clients, specifically those suffering from the milder forms of neurosis, acknowledging that while person-centered therapy may prove no more effective than any other method, it has yet to demonstrate that it is harmful in any way. Despite such criticisms, Rogers's theory of personality and his therapeutic methodology continue to gain adherents and have become among the most widely influential trends in the history of psychology.’’
Rogers believed that a strict upbringing resulted in the repression of emotions. When significant others in The person then takes the morals and values which he/she was taught as their own and acquires ‘conditions of worth’’. The self-concept is then derived from these standards of value as opposed to organism which evaluation whereby the organism congruently develops it’s own values based on personal experience. As such, these conditions of worth disturb the organismic valuing process, which is a flowing, ongoing process whereby experiences are accurately symbolized


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