“Role of Crm in Telecom Sector”

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“Role of CRM in Telecom Sector”
Sheetal Singla
MBA, Phd*
Asst. Professor
BGIET, Sangrur

This research paper is on the “Role of CRM in Telecom Sector”. The report begins with the abstract of Role of CRM in Telecom Sector, History of telecom sector & the Introduction part. This report also contains the basic marketing strategies used by various telecom service providers.In today’s world of cutthroat competition, it is very essential to not only exist but also to excel in the market. Today’s market is more & more complex so, to survive in the market the companies not only have to satisfy its customers but also delight them.
The objective of many marketing strategies has been building the customer’s commitment to a brand or a
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Modi Telstra in Kolkata in Aug, 1995.
In 1996, bill was passed in Lok Sabha that announced TRAI as a regulatory body on 25th Jan, 1997. Before this, DoT was the sole responsible body for these. In march 1999, a new Telecom policy (NTP) was established with a new scheme of revenue sharing whereby 8-12% of the revenues were to be paid to the govt. Bharti started its services in March, 2001in Delhi & Mumbai. BSNL launched services in Kolkata & Bihar in Jan 2002.
Year History of Indian Telecom Sector
1851 First operational land lines were laid by the govt. near Calcutta
1881 Telephone services were introduced in India.
1883 Merger with the Portal system.
1923 Formation of Indian Telegraph Radio Company (IRT).
1947 Nationalization of all foreign Telecommunication Companies to form the posts, telephone, telegraphs.
1985 Department of Telecommunication ( DoT) was established.
1986 Conversion of DoT into 2 wholly govt. owned companies i.e.MTNL & VSNL.
1997 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) created.
1999 Cellular services were established in India. New National Telecom Policy is adopted.
2000 DoT becomes a corporation, BSNL.
Competitive Marketing Strategy (CMS) has relationship marketing (RM) as one of the key functionality in enhancing business performance.


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