Easa Module 7

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Module 7 Essay Questions

1) Describe how tooling is controlled in a part 145 maintenance organisation.


Tool control within a part 145 maintenance organisation can be divided in two main areas, the control of company supplied tools and the individual control of their own personal tooling. Tool control is a part 145 requirement


Good tool control is essential to prevent any tooling from becoming a foreign object which might cause an obstruction, restriction or any other type of damage. Tools should be checked before use for serviceability and operators should be trained to use them to prevent damage to the aircraft and personnel. The whereabouts of all personal and company tools should
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When fitting the new panel/component, i would ensure that it is serviceable and has the proper documentation with it(EASA Form 1, correct serial number, correct part number, correct batch number, etc) Once i have replaced it, I would perform a functional check if required to verify the correct operation of the component. If everything is found satisfactory, i would issue a certificate to release to service. If a duplicate inspection was required, i would get someone approved to perform the duplicate before i issue the CRS.


I would refer to the SRM, CAAIP or the AC 43 for the proper procedures and guidelines. I would start off the repair by removing the corrosion either mechanically or chemically depending on the extent of the damage. Once all the corrosion has been removed, I would perform an inspection and measure the depth and diameter of the affected area. I would then cross-refer those measurements with the limitations in the SRM. If it can be repaired, i would proceed with carry out the repair after due planning to manpower requirements, tooling, work areas and time constraints. Most often than not, if the corrosion is found to be the intergranular corrosion, the part or area would require complete replacement. Once the repair has been carried out, i would re-protect the area. I would