Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

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Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis
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Part 1: Construct Development and Scale Creation

The construct that will be measure in this paper will be arrogance versus confidence. The construct development, scale creation, and process analysis will determine how arrogance or confident a person may be. An operational definition of this construct using in Driver,(2007), Vixie,(2011) and Johnson, Silverman, Shyamsunder, Swee, Rodopman, Cho, & Bauer, (2010) they basically describe arrogance as some who is conceited, boasting and hard to get along with. They think that they are better than ordinary people and confidence is
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Being humble, grateful and appreciative can keep a person becoming overconfidence which will later lead to arrogance (Kerefoot, 2010). This paper will discuss how much the participants are aware of being confident or arrogance on their jobs. The purpose of this analysis will help participate become more confident than arrogant on their jobs as a leader. The confident or arrogant test is designed for people in leadership. This test will be given to team leaders, supervisors, and mangers within a company. These leaders will have 15-30 min to complete the test while at work. Also a test administrator will conduct the test, in case if someone doesn’t understand a question or need to leave for a restroom break. The administrator will also explain to the leaders that they do not have to participate in this research. The average number of participants will be between 10 and 15 leaders per class within a company. All race and gender within this company will be included. This test will also be given to new leaders along with experience current leaders within the company. The goal of the test will help these leaders be more of a confident leader then an arrogant leader. The test will help them recognized their selves, so improvement can begin. This test will also help their company while improving their leadership team. As Kerefoot, (2010) stated that “as people become successful, their self-confidence rises, and


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