Irish Immigration in America

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Journey to America
Story of the Irish in Antebellum America

HS101 - US History to 1877
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Friday, October 28, 2005

When many think of the times of immigration, they tend to recall the Irish Immigration and with it comes the potato famine of the 1840s' however, they forget that immigrants from the Emerald Isle also poured into America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The assimilation and immigration of the Irish has been difficult for each group that has passed through the gates of Ellis Island or South Boston. Like every group that came to America, the Irish were looked down upon; yet, in the face of discrimination,
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As with any group that came to America, Irish Americans in time made several contributions to the society and culture. Irish music has influenced the development of both American folk and country music. The fiddle is the root of instrumental country music, and the music brought by the Irish in the nineteenth century was a significant aspect of America's "urban folk" scene. Irish pubs began to hit the streets and soon thereafter Irish food. Irish food was good and popular and quickly became common American fare. The Irish that arrived after the Civil War contributed such dishes as soda bread, coddle, potato bread, and corned beef and cabbage to American cuisine. Of course there was the introduction of Irish whiskey. Similarly, the Irish culture is a very humorous one. Because, over the years Irish were forced into troublesome situations, laughter had to be frequent. Comedy and jokes flowed into the culture as well. For instance, a famous Irish proverb is "Sceitheann fion firinne" Gaelic for "Wine reveals truth." Another example of Irish humor that arose during the time is "Irish Diplomacy.

Irish Americans, although famous for their great cultural contributions, are mostly famous for their influence on politics, particularly the labor movement. Politics has always seemed like a second baseball to Americans, and


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