Consequences of Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Negative Effects to Performance Enhancing Drugs
At the age of 21 Rob Garibaldi committed suicide and it is believed to be from his consumption of performance enhancing drugs. As a young boy, Rob started to play little league, trying to match his favorite sport hero, and dreaming to make it to the baseball major leagues. Prior to high school, Rob was getting pushed by his coaches he had and scouts start to follow him to have him take supplements and more things that will help him gain weight compounds in other to build muscle in the training program. When Rob was 15 years old, he was playing with a team that was scouted by the California Angels and was encouraged by people who were working with him on weightlifting, condition, taking
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This steroid carries in it an androgenic or virilizing side effect which affects male characteristics. It can also have the side effect to the female by affecting the growth of the clitoris, the penis in young male adolescents, but not with adults, the onset of puberty, the size of the vocal chords, deepening the voice, premature baldness with people that are predisposed to it, and increase the body hair. Lastly, it can affect the testicular atrophy and decrease fertility. Another type of performance enhancing drugs is a stimulant steroid. This type of drug can help an athlete in their performance by stimulating the physical and mental functions which allows the athlete to compete in a sport for long periods of time without getting tired. Stimulants can increase alertness and aggressiveness, suppress appetite, and reduce fatigue. It stimulates the central nervous system, body temperature, metabolism, increasing the heart rate, and blood pressure. The common stimulants are amphetamines and caffeine. Some of the cold remedies contain the stimulant phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, and ephedrine. They have street drugs out there such as methamphetamine and cocaine which are also used as stimulant steroids. The stimulant can promote aggressiveness and boost physical performance on the field, but there are side effects that can impair the athlete’s performance in the sport. When an athlete is irritated and nervous it can make it harder to


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