Criminal Justice

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One of the first prison systems was called the Pennsylvania System. The ideology of this system was used in the Eastern State Penitentiary in the early 1800s. This system had very definite ideas on how a prison should be organized and managed. The operation of this prison was based on the following 5 general principles (Clear, Cole, & Reisig, 2006):
1. Do not treat prisoners harshly, but instruct them that hard and selective forms of suffering could change their lives.
2. Solitary confinement will prevent further corruption.
3. Offenders should reflect on their transgressions and repent.
4. Solitary confinement is considered punishment.
5. Solitary confinement is economical.
The Quakers are the ones that actually formed these
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If the individual stays out of trouble and exceeds there expectations then the individual can be counted as qualified for parole. Now not only does the warden but individuals the inmate is around. Also the victims regarding the crime the inmate has been found guilty regarding, their opinion can be weighed in this decision. The education classes have gotten belter over time. The classes still gives inmates without a high school diploma or GED to receive there’s if they wish. Also you can even take college courses or class to help you go directly into your line of work once you are released.
In the beginning prisoners had no rights, then as time went on more and more rights got added as to what a prisoners rights are. Some of the prisoners’ rights are as follows:
• Pre-trial detainees- This basically says that if you can’t afford an attorney one will be appointed to you, as well as you can’t be punished for a crime you haven’t been found guilty of.(
• Under the 8th amendment the inmates have the right to not be treated with cruel and unusual punishment. (
• “Inmates have the right to be free from sexual crimes, including sexual harassment.”( A federal court in the District of Columbia found prison officials


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