Alcohol Abuse Within Native American Societies

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Substance abuse is a topic most prefer not to discuss; it destroys lives, relationships and families all over the world. Native Americans seem to have suffered immensely by it. Since the coming of the Englishmen and the introduction of new knowledge and tools Native people have been trying to hold on to their own culture and their own way of life. Unfortunately with them came new items for consumption, alcohol was one of the main ingredients to the internal downfall of Native populations. Native American populations suffer greatly due to the ongoing epidemic of substance abuse and dependence; some things are being done about the problems people are having but in the end will it be enough to heal a nation? To open this paper I will look at …show more content…
For simplicity sake, abuse and dependence within this paper will be interchangeable. Elders, seen as wise leaders to their people can all succumb to the pressures of everyday life, leading them down a path of self destruction and shorten their lives dramatically. A high number of veterans treated in psychiatric hospitals as part of the Department of Veteran Affairs, show a high number of men, generally, that suffered from substance abuse along with other mental illnesses such as; post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and personality disorders (Walker, Howard, Anderson , Lambert 1994). Everyday a new life enters this world, each time that happens a mother too is born. Some are prepared for the challenges ahead; some are nervous yet ready to face their new future, unfortunately for others they are trapped in a lifestyle that does not allow them to take on the responsibilities of motherhood. Alcoholism is a problem that has damages many families,


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