Civil War

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Civil War Paper
Darrell Jones
August 22, 2012
Adolph Woodard

Civil War Paper
The Civil War was fought between Americans from the North and the South. Many factors led to the eventual conflict, but none was more important than the issue of slavery. While Northerners felt slavery was essentially against what America stood for, Southerners depended on slavery to maintain their economy. The conflict resulted in the South wanting to secede from the Union and exist as a collection of Confederate states acting as their own country. The North (Union) insisted on keeping the United States in-tact and abolishing slavery from the South. After four to five years and a collection of bloody battles, the North won the war despite having
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Once the war ended, he was able to make millions delivering meats and other goods to grocers across the country with the help of the coast-to-coast railroad system. John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan all consolidated their wealth and helped shape the nation’s economy following the Civil War. Nationalism changed as a result of the war as well. Although the country had just waged a very bloody war against itself, a more unified nation emerged as a result, led by a strong federal government. The Civil War defined Americans as a nation of individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit unified by a strong federal government with a vision of a country of free-labor (Schultz, 2012). Although the South had generals with greater military minds and the North suffered greater casualties, the North emerged victorious from the Civil War. One reason for this is the North made better decisions during the war. In the beginning of the war, the North sought to cripple the South’s economy by depriving them of food, clothing and other supplies coming from Europe. The North created a naval blockade cutting the South off from sea-borne commerce and captured their most important and largest city – New Orleans. According to Schultz, the taking of New Orleans was significant because it was the South’s largest and richest city, biggest port, and opened the Mississippi River valley for invasion from


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