Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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In the 1956 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the birth of something horrifying takes place in Santa Mira, California. Dr. Bennell and Becky are two long lost loves from their youth and are reunited after years of no contact. Upon returning from a business trip Dr. Bennell notices odd occurances that start unraveling before him. After a few instances of strange behavior among Dr.Bennell's patients begin to take place he quickly becomes aware of an imminent epidemic spreading through the town.

The parallels between the theme of the film and rising fears of communism and related topics of concern during that time are captivating. Communism was an ideology originating in the Soviet Union with the ideas of establishing a
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Out of these investigations many people, especially those involved in government, education, or those involved in the entertainment industry, lost there jobs. There was also a term called Blacklisting, where those suspected or found out to have any association with communism were exposed publicly and not only lost their jobs, but also their reputations.

About half way through the film, only two people were left not-conformed...Dr. Bennell and Becky. Even the term "Body Snatcher" sends such a strong but hidden message of the idea of individual expression as bedrock and conforming to a singular idea as devastating. The film has it all. The beginning seeds of a new ideology moving in on the innocent people of the U.S, all the way to the absolute conformity and overtaking of one small town quickly spreading to the next.Towards the end of the film, Dr Bennell escapes Santa Mira, and Becky on the other hand resigns from her capitalist beliefs and falls asleep letting the pod take over her body meanwhile leaving Dr. Bennell fighting against the pods all by himself. With every turn he makes he is faced with carbon copies of his friends and trucks of pods passing by him. He escapes into another town, in hopes to warn them of the new ideology thats about to take over sooner than later. Of course no one believes him and he