Conceptualizing a Business

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Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

Sweet Tooth is a bakery and party store located in Las Vegas, Nevada. What sets this bakery apart from other bakeries is the company’s artistic flair for fun and elegant designs, whether on a cake or piece of chocolate. Sweet Tooth produces some of the most gorgeous and fun cakes, cupcakes, candy, and cookies within sin city at very affordable prices. Sweet Tooth has the reputation of possessing the best customer service and is the go to place for all of your sweet party needs. The purpose of this paper is to develop a clear understanding of the importance that a vision, mission, and values are to an organization and its strategic direction. This paper will consist
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The company’s strategic drivers are innovation and customer needs. Innovation is a key driver in the success of the bakery. Attracting consumers with new and exciting flavors and designs that are fun, elegant, and colorful are the currently popular in the bakery trends. Sweet Tooth’s vision, mission, and values encompass the bakery’s strategic drivers. Any decisions that the organization makes must contribute to the mission and vision of the bakery. This set way of thinking is what helps the organization to stay on course toward its strategic plan (Mireles, 1999).
Customer Needs and Competitive Advantage
Customer satisfaction is a number 1 priority at Sweet Tooth. The company takes its customers’ needs and requests very seriously. The organization’s employees determined to fulfill every customer’s wish and will not stop working until the product is to the customer’s satisfaction. What makes Sweet Tooth different from our competitors is that the organization is a mixture between a bakery and a candy store. However, unlike other bakeries that produces cakes, pies, doughnuts, and other delectable’s, Sweet Tooth focuses primarily on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, fudge, and lollipops. By limiting the amount of products that Sweet Tooth produces, employees are able to focus on the orders that are taken upon by the organization. Sweet Tooth’s desire for customer


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