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Jaleesa Wynn MGMT 3720 Assignment #2

Work Motivation

“Magic Eye, Inc” is a case study about a company that specializes in computerized special effects. This company is made up of majority of computer programmers. Paul Reed, vice president of Magic Eye, Inc is an engineer hired aboard several individuals who share similar backgrounds and works young programmers in developing their expertise. However, Paul is disappointed in the potential level of performance by his colleagues and because the programmers are essential to this business, the performance of this company will not increase if the programmers do not do their part. With the lack of motivation of his employees, Paul came up with a
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Overall her background shows her interest and love for what she does which contributes greatly in her motivation. In regards to Jeannine’s motivation, what her supervisor needs to improve on is his trust in his employees. Also, another improvement is having the necessary support to get the job done. As a supervisor, Paul needs to discover the necessary training and the level of supervision needed. Each employee has their own level of confidence about what they capable of doing.

Jaleesa Wynn MGMT 3720 Assignment #2

Based on the suggestions on improvement, by Paul organizing Jeannine’s work and then verifying to make sure it’s done correctly does not justify his reason to motivate his employees. By not having a clear understanding of what Jeannine can do, causes challenges when completing given tasks. What Paul doesn’t realize is Jeannine’s ingenious ways of solving problems for clients, but because of his lack of interest, Jeannine could’ve have been a great support to contribute in better solutions to issues at hand. Instead of micromanaging, Paul needs to develop confidence in his employees and their capabilities. Overall Paul’s expectancy to increase motivation is for him to understand their individual skills they hold that can link to their performance. Although it is his responsibility of continuous growth in this company, but


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