Gulf Oil Company - Restructuring Human Resources

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Human Resources Management
1st Semester, 1st Half 2011/2012

“Restructuring Human Resources Management at Gulf Oil Company”

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, in order to quickly respond to the increasing demand on oil and to the increasingly strict stipulations this market imposes, saw an opportunity to expand its refining capacity and introduce the latest technology in the oil refining industry. To reach this goal it developed long and medium strategic plans. As part of the long-term strategies, managers were required to clearly express the Mission, Vision and Strategic objectives of the company and the individual departments combining them into a final, comprehensive plan. One of these departments was the Human Resources Department, which was
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Also, with defined and strict timelines, we believe that it might increase productivity since employees are able to see what they need to accomplish concerning a certain matter and a specific time period. Finally, taking into account recent years innovations, we are certain that technology plays a fundamental role in any company's everyday activities. So, by not using the potential of the existing software to the fullest, GOC suffers an efficiency loss. Considering this, GOC should either train its employees to use the existing software, or develop new software more focused on the company's necessities and use it to its fullest. We believe there are two main aspects that can enhance the implementation process: Training and Awarding. Training is an important procedure that allows an increase in performance. In other words, employees will not only do their jobs better, but they will be able to do it more effectively. An increase in competence will allow employees to make contributions in areas which previously were outside of their knowledge. A new training strategy would therefore level up the overall performance of the employees, reducing the burdens and delays, catalyzing competitiveness. The achievement of the above mentioned performance goals is strongly dependent on whether or not a company can keep their employees motivated, and to a certain extent,


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