Community Health Task 2

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Amy Gann
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In the United States we are very fortunate. For the most part we do not live in fear of disease outbreaks from day to day. Our government along with the Centers for Disease Control and Public Health Departments have managed to have adults and children vaccinated and set up recommendations regarding those vaccinations. Despite all that is done our country allows freedoms. One of these freedoms is to not vaccinate your child from communicable diseases due to personal beliefs. With the worlds populations becoming more mobile, that sets your child up for dangerous encounters; because some countries are not as strict on laws regarding vaccinations and some
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The virus can live outside the body and on surfaces areas up to 2 hours. It is highly contagious with a 90% transmission rate and is transmissible from the first onset of symptoms until 3-4 days after rash onset. The population most at risk are infants and children < 5 years, adults > 20 years, pregnant woman and the immunocompromised. The most common complications seen are middle ear infections, pneumonia, and diarrhea. The most severe complications are meningitis and encephalitis (CDC, 2015)
In West Hollywood there are roughly 18, 000 people per square mile according to US Census report from 2014.There are schools, care facilities, a hospital, major shopping centers that draw tourist attention, restaurants and parks. If an outbreak of Measles were to occur it could be as terrible and far reaching as the Disney parks. According to the Interim Health Officer, Jeffery Gunzenhauser, of the Los Angeles County of Public Health (April 2015), currently the percent of Los Angeles County residents who are immune to measles is very high, which helps to protect the general population by greatly reducing the chances of widespread infection. Unfortunately those who are not immune are at greater risk of infection during outbreaks or when traveling internationally. Because of the tourist traffic the outbreak could reach other states and countries.
Locally, due to


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