Mentorship: Assessment and Student

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Preparation for mentorship portfolio of learning.

Within this assignment I aim to demonstrate achievement of the five identified learning area and the ensuing ability to use these to act as an effective mentor and role model for nursing students within my clinical area. In order for me to show my capability in applying the theories to practice I am going to use the Gibb cycle of reflection as stated in beginning reflective practice (jasper 2003), I feel that this will help me further understand and enhance my knowledge and theory behind the clinical practice I currently undertake and how to keep improving this with each new student nurse I come to work with in the future.

The concept of mentorship dates back to the
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Following the fist meetings that I had with my student I felt that we had built a good working relationship which is important factor when ensuring an effective student mentor relationship (NMC 2008). I was concerned for my students learning when he told me that he has never worked within a community setting before, and reported that he did not feel that this was an area of nursing that he would like to work in once qualified. This statement from the student unnerved me, and made me think that he was placing barriers in relation to the nature of the placement and what he would get from this before the placement had really started, however this did not appear to be the case and he was open and engaged in the placement. I did at one point feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that I was presented with to complete from the university, it was also then that it became apparent to me how in some ways I was responsible for ensuring that the student had every appropriate opportunity to fulfil the needs and learning objectives set out within the paperwork, and given that he was a third year student the standard to which he needed to be able to provide both the university and me with appropriate evidence of learning. I felt that this was possible as it was something that I had done throughout my time as a student nurse but also as a qualified practitioner


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