Colgate Max Fresh- Global Brand Roll-Out

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Assignment 5: Case – Colgate Max Fresh: Global Brand Roll-Out

Assess the CMF launch in the US.

Culture has progressed with many consumer merchandises that have become necessities and transformed into the day-to-day routines of society without having to think twice about it. CP or Colgate-Palmolive, is an icon for the personal hygiene industry throughout the United States, and as a worldwide company has positioned the brand as a most important home care in multiple foreign countries.The CMF line is CP’s most popular brand. The brand was a huge hit because of its individuality and the value that it crafted for consumers was astonishing. Colgate Max combined a new breath-strip and a mixture of therapeutics’, which added to more
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The overall goal of the CMF launch was to decrease the effectiveness of the Crest CWE launch so that CP could nearly wipe out the rest of the market. Since shelf space was not a strength in Mexico, it made it very difficult for CMF to launch their product successfully in regards to threatening the Crest brand. Neither product is exceedingly popular in Mexico because consumers are interested in basic oral care compared to particular. The factors mentioned above are not working with the launch, but against the launch which in-return will not make the launch successful.

4. Evaluate the global roll-out of CMF.

It was made clear in 2004 that Colgate Max Fresh was going to be a well-off launch. The first-class positioning with many different items in the product line was a major strength of the launch. Not only was this product going to whiten consumers teeth, but the mini breath strips were going to give the product lots of credibility, which made the consumers believe this product was going to work the way they expected it to. Emily Procter, from CSI Miami, added to the success of this launch. Having her endorse this product assisted with the general success. The one concern that Colgate Max Fresh came across was interacting with buyers in diverse nations. Colgate Max Fresh tested lower for various names in China; because of this, the name was then changed to Icy Fresh. Consumers in China could not relate to the term “breath strips” because they


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