Grt1 Biochemistry Complete Course Wgu Rn-Bsn - Task 1 - 5

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GRT1 Biochemistry COMPLETE COURSE WGU RN-BSN - Task 1 - 5

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Task 1

Although there is much talk in the news about stem cell research, the public and policymakers need to understand how basic body cells work to transmit information and replicate to facilitate more informed decisions. As a biochemistry teacher, you have been asked to make a presentation on the transmission of information within the cell and the role of DNA and RNA in replication to a group of medical
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4. Demonstrate how a peptide bond is made through dehydration, using a relevant chemical equation with structural chemical formulas.
5. Demonstrate how a peptide bond is broken through hydrolysis, using a relevant chemical equation with structural chemical formulas.
6. Explain the four forces (bonds) that stabilize a protein’s three-dimensional structure at the tertiary level of protein structure.
7. Explain the role of protein misfolding and aggregation in BSE.
8. Explain the role of prions in BSE.
9. Explain the role of the chaperone protein in BSE. B. Make recommendations for how this country that does not have regulations in place can decrease the risk of BSE infecting the food source.

Note: You are not explaining how the United States or the United Kingdom currently prevent BSE from infecting the food source. C. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format. Task 3

Hemoglobin is an essential protein necessary for the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. Biochemists study the molecular activities necessary for the exchange and transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the body cells and lungs. As a biochemist you have been asked to design a presentation for students studying to be laboratory technologists on hemoglobin. Task: Design a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote) to teach laboratory


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