coat of arms

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Coat of Arms Coat of arms is a collection of symbols that indicates the trait of a family, profession etc. In nursing, the coat of arms is intended to capture the key qualities of what nursing profession means. The purpose of this paper is to explain the six different nursing qualities and discuss why each quality was chosen to represent ‘Nursing’. It will also provide a rational for the symbols that represent each quality in the coat of arms. The idea of placing each symbol in different locations of the coat of arms will also be the part of discussion. Communication is life long learning skills for nurses. Communication can be in different forms. It can be verbal or non verbal. Communication is important …show more content…

Nurses’ caring approach can help the client to get well soon. Caring also can facilitate health promotion. “Expressive caring behaviours are concerned with establishing trust, acceptance of feelings, faith and genuineness” (Khademian & Vizeshfar, 2008). I believe that it is important for nurses to be culturally competent in order to provide a holistic care. Symbols that are chosen to represent caring are heart and hands. Heart represents caring because it’s the foundation. It is not possible to provide a quality care until nurses love their clients and their profession. All the other qualities are drawn inside the heart in the coat of arms because none of these qualities are effective if the nurse does not have the quality of caring. The hands are holding the heart and other symbols, which are located inside the heart. It represents caring as a whole that is why it is carrying the whole picture. Empathy is an important quality of nursing because it helps to bring the clients closer to the nurses. It is the empathy that provides nurses with the capability of understanding another person and thereby promotes the health of that person (Kunyk & Olson, 2001). I believe that with providing empathy, nurses can assess the clients in a better way and make the nurse-client relationship stronger. A nurse who shows empathy can succeed to collect more subjective and objective data. Showing empathy can also make the clients feel that


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