Reflection on Team Work

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Reflection on My Self-Performance as a Team Coordinator

Reflective Essay - Belbin Team Role Theory in practice

To further understand Belbin Team Role Theory, I, together with four students formed a team and simulated as being authorized by the Songjiang Government Bureau to investigate into the current situation and the prospect of the higher education industry in Songjiang District. Through unremitting team efforts, we successfully demonstrated our findings and recommended several ideas via a formal presentation. Reviewing the three-months-long process of cooperation, I really found this experience of learning meaningful and fruitful. This reflective essay is a conclusion of my sympathetic introspection of the mistakes I
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If it were not for one of the members who cancelled all our original ideas, we might have already undergone a great frustration. The word “conflict” is always related to anger, disunity and standstill. Being that as it may, when conflict exists, it generally indicates members’ commitment to the team goal, because they are trying to come up with the best solutions. So conflicts can in turn promote challenges, heighten individual regards to the issues, and increase individual efforts (Laura 2005). Being a coordinator, I took up the responsibility for turning the conflicts into beneficial effects. Looking back, I could have done better in inspiring the members as an example, to pour out frankly personal opinions. It seems that such disagreements can hardly be avoided in the process of teamwork. Hence, no matter what team roles I am going to play, when faced with conflicts, I will adhere myself to the following two points: Firstly, it is better for me to speak up all my points of view. Even if these ideas may not be recognized and may finally be rejected, the other members can have the opportunities to rethink their own ideas from my perspective against the differences and disagreements. Secondly, it is beneficial for me as a team role player to respect the other members’ opinions, however divergent these opinions may be from my own points of view. Because it happens that some seemingly irrational ideas are finally proved to be breakthroughs. A


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