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D2: Evaluates the effectiveness of the use of counselling skills in aiding client’s decision-making process:
The ultimate goal of counselling is to enable individuals to make own decisions in life and act accordingly in order to change habits or overcome difficulties that had prevented them to achieve self-actualisation, build self-esteem or just live happily as general.
In order to achieve that professionals are using variety of counselling skills and theories for support. One of the theories that is being used is Egan’s skilled helping module. Following the theory, professional first explore the reasons of something to occur and the fears that an individual has that prevent him to achieve his goals. This can be used my methods such as
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Another advantage of this approach is establishing those abilities of reflecting on the problem, seeing what is wanted to be achieved and how that can be done, as a slandered practice for the individual to do on his own after counselling. By aiding client’s decision-making process, professionals not only help him deal with the problems in “here and now” situations, but also in the future when he won’t have professional support. This is important as it will allow the person to be independent and establish a level of security and confidence that he will need in life.
Egan’s suggests that the professional who use this model should think of one selves as consultants whose role is to give as much or less support as the client desires. In order to achieve and enhance the final results of the process, professionals should as I mentioned work with the peace of the client and interfere only when assistance is wanted or when necessary.
In practice, the theory can be used by social worker who is supporting a woman that is experience a domestic violence and is indecisive in her actions of leaving her husband. This is an important and hard to make step for some people, even if they have suffered of the hands of the person for a long time. For the social worker is clear what should be done, however instead of making the woman feel bad and telling her what she should have done and should do,


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