Risk Assessment Case Study

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Risk Assessment Case Study

Risk Assessment Case Study Evaluation

Nicole Anderson, Robert Hoehn, Sandra Purvis,
Victoria Riggins and Rachel Van Schaik


October 15, 2012

Miquel Restrepo

Risk Assessment Case Study Evaluation The risk assessment case study evaluates the chromium-contaminated soils. Twelve years of research went into the study to characterize the health hazards caused by the chromium-contaminated soils. Within New Jersey there were at least three different chromate chemical manufacturing companies operating, one in Kearny, New Jersey, and the other two in Jersey City. The study was conducted through a human health risk assessment, which
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The data from the site surveys were used in site-specific risk assessments to quantify exposures. Chapter nine verified that the there were 42 properties affect by the exposure and toxicity assessments (Paustenbach, 2002, p.1). There were many samples taken. Between 1986 and 1989 “a total of 2,138 surface and subsurface soil samples, 31 groundwater samples from monitoring wells located at 7 sites, 33 ambient air samples, 19 surface-water and 11 sediment samples, and 8 building wall wipe samples were collected and analyzed during the RI” (Paustenbach, 2002, p.1). Surface water and soil samples were also taken in the risk assessments. The assessments confirmed that there was indeed a problem and that a remedial was needed. The risk characterization showed that something needed to be done and remediation was needed for these current vacant lots. Results verified that the exposure and toxicity assessment had a high toxicity in the soil and carcinogenic that people were exposed to in the air, soil, and water. Evidenced proved that indoor dust was highly toxic and yielded a link between the dust and chromium levels. High levels of chromium were definite in all tests. The carcinogenic compounds of chromium were not proven in one, though, done on lab rats. The problem was passed around inside the company


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