Causal Factors

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SPE 357 – Characteristics of Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities and Strategies to Teach Individuals with EBD
Professor Karen Moeller
Causal Factors
Tamika Camano

Emotional and Behavioral disorders can result from one or any number of combinations of causal factors from the students biological, familial, cultural, or educational background and/or environment. This essay will discuss causal factors, the implications, and possible mitigation regarding EBD students.
Biological factors are responsible for certain conditions that are the cause of certain emotional and behavioral disorders. Whether or not the parent was using recreational drugs while pregnant or if they have a history of mental illness can have an effect on the student
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This could cause them to withdraw and not participate in class and not perform well in their schoolwork.
In some cultures it is more important and most likely financially necessary for a student to find work to help support the household. This could lead to the student not doing their necessary assignments for class, missing class, or wanting to drop out of school altogether.
If the teacher has not been trained to manage the external behavior or does not have sufficient background information or the proper skills to observe that the student has internal emotional problems, then the student could either be so out of control that they have to be removed from the class or become so withdrawn that they stop participating and have no desire to attend the class. (Causal Factors for Emotional Disorders)
Each of the areas of biological, family, culture, and school have different ways in which they can be alleviated to a certain extent.
It is important that the family history of the student be revealed so that any biological factor can be taken into account. Knowing that there is a history of depression or mental illness could lead to the student getting the necessary counseling and medication. Some of these conditions have no cure but students can be taught coping techniques to help keep their


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