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Communication 277: Introduction to Mediated Communication Spring 2012

Study Guide for Examination #2

This study guide is organized by lecture topics. Within each topic is listed the major areas that may be included on the examination. You are responsible for the content that falls within each major area.

I. Lecture content from before Examination #1

A) Regulation of Media Content

1) Ways government can regulate speech 1. Law: passed by some government body 2. Agency regulation: FCC-Federal communications commission 3. Court decision regarding a law or regulation 4. Pressure/threats

2) Elements protecting the media 1. First amendment and specific laws/regulations 2.
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Surveillance Try to learn something, figure something out 2. Entertainment Look for to prove your mood 3.Interpersonal activity (1) You want to watch famous people, so you watch the TV show (2) You watch TV show, you want to talk to others about it. 4. Para social interaction We keep the relationship (you watch Opera, you believe her because she tells you what to do) 5.Personal Identity You watch TV show to improve yourself and expand your knowledge in the fields you are interested in. The similarity is between you and characters.

D) Cultivation Theory 1) Constructed nature of social reality 1. The mind begins as a blank slate 2. Our reality is constructed for us by social interactions and institutions 3. Part of the reality we construct is based on television reality 4. Television reality is wrong

2) Television reality: what is wrong with it; the consistency of the patterns Entertainment television presents a distorted view of America and the world. 62% characters