Critical Appraisal

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Critical Appraisal


Gemekia C. Parker

A Paper

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for

NU 608 EBP & Quality Improvement in Health Care Systems University of South

Alabama College of Nursing

Fall 2010

Appraisal 2


Critical appraisal is the process of systematically examining research evidence to

assess its validity, results, and relevance. (Hill, 2001) Critical appraisal of research is preformed by clinicians prior to using it to make healthcare decisions. The critical appraisal process systematically finds, appraises, and acts on evidence based research after thorough review. The use of
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A retrospective causal comparative design was used to identify predictors of all levels of acceptance of the reduced call schedule among nursing staff. The retrospective causal comparative design attempts to determine the cause of an existing condition.(Busk, 2005) This study design is appropriate for ealuating the differences in documentation errors after implementing a reduced work schedule for the nurses. Documentation from a randomised sample population of 24 nurses on 8 hour shifts, 12 hour shifts, and oncall shifts were compared. A total of 2,642 patient charts from surgical procedures performed were initially reviewed. The post-implementation chart review evaluated a total of 2,635 charts, which excludeed 7 charts from the the study. In order to prevent the Hawthorne effect in charting behavior, the nurses were not informed of the project. The effects of fatigue on nursing charting before the end of the shift and after implementation of a reduced call schedule was examined. As predicted, there was a significant reduction in nursing documentation errors observed after the reduced call schedule was implemented. Charting errors were reduced Appraisal 6 by more than 26% after the nurses call schedules were reduced. The greatest reduction in errors was seen among documentation by nurses working 8 and 12 hour shifts.
Implications for practice Warren compares the


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