[Case Study] Morgan Motor Company

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Morgan Motor Company is a well known car company that manufactures
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By categorizing them, a company can see where exactly they can reduce the most cost, and where they can try to add more value to a product, just by reorganizing processes which support the sales and production of an end product.

Primary Activities
These include all activities which are directly related to the production and sales of the end product. Inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing & sales and service are categorized to show the company where the biggest direct costs come from, and where the most value is added.

So, by using this model, a company will see in depth were their weaknesses and their strengths lays. Therefore we will use this model.
[pic] Source: Refrence 2.1

2.3 The merits of the value chain model

Support Activities

Firm Infrastructure
The value chain model shows the companies infrastructure.

Human Resource Management
The model discusses how employees in a company work and how this is organized.
It shows who is responsible for what.

Technology Development
The model will discuss the technological development of Morgan. It will reflect on its effectiveness and efficiency.

The model will discuss where materials come from. What suppliers take care of raw materials? Is it time saving? Is the process line improvable?

Primary Activities

Inbound Logistics
Where do the product parts come from? Does the company


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