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Management Case Study
Hiroshi Okuda in Toyota

Nur Firdous Majid & Jatin Naresh

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Introduction 1

Question 1: Okuda’s Leadership Styles 2 - 4

Question 2: Transactional or Transformational Leader 5 - 7

Question 3: Radical changes When Company Is in a Crisis 8 - 9

Question 4: Charismatic, Visionary and Culturally Consistent with Japanese Practises 10 - 12

Conclusion 13

Reference List 14 - 15

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hiroshi Okuda, a Japanese leader, became the president of Toyota in 1995. He was
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However, this year due to world economic recession they have reduced their spending by 10% from $9 billion to $8 billion (The Wall Street Journal 2009). Toyota brings together ideas and technologies for implementation which matches with the corporate requirements, including designs, manufacturing, marketing, and product planning. Each new innovation must be tested out extensively before it is suitable for inclusion in a specific vehicle program (Morgan and Liker 2006, p 44)
Managing Toyota the Okuda way
Hiroshi Okuda has one key management rule which is time. He believes that time and patience are the keys for Toyota to progress and he says they will continue doing what they do best which is producing good cars, introducing new technology and making contributions to society (Clark 1998). Okuda states that Toyota must hire more experts from foreign countries as they can assist in car designs and car development. He wants the Japanese workers to gain knowledge from the foreign workers and he wants to hire good people for Toyota whether they are Japanese or non-Japanese. Foreign workers are now becoming executives in Toyota and helping promote Toyota globally, all this are Okuda plans of growing Toyota to provide cars for


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