Can Brazil Become a Global Competitor in It Technology

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Mini Case Study p59-60 Wayland Baptist University – San Antonio International Management MGMT 5326-SA01 Dr. W. Chukwuma Achebe Richard D. Stephens Jr. September 6, 2013 Abstract

As the world becomes increasing dependent on information technology (IT) products and services, the global IT services outsourcing industry has increased exponentially. Efforts to reduce costs and focus more on their core competencies have corporations outsourcing and offshoring many of their IT services. Offshoring of IT services have been growing at 40 to 50 percent a year. Brazil, like India, has stepped up to the challenge and has begun a campaign to build a strong international competitive position in the IT offshoring
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The Brazilian government needs to make serious investments in electrical power infrastructure. The issues from brownout and blackout problems not only damage equipment but it destroys credibility. IT services must be reliable to maintain a strong rating. The second area that needs to be addressed is the requirement to teach English as a second language earlier to help bridge the gap. Brazil’s Portuguese-speaking population has been characterized as weak in terms of English-language skills. A third area to address is a shortage of international experience among Brazilian technical and managerial ranks could be a problem for companies wanting to startup operations there. Brazil’s cumbersome labor laws and regulatory climate need to be revised to allow businesses to grow. Brazil’s currency fluctuations of the past several decades have shaken investors’ confidence. More efforts to stabilize the currency is needed to build confidence in the economy and help keep the already 30 to 40 percent higher labor costs from getting any higher. Finally more attention is needed in the areas of lowering crime and stronger laws against social inequalities. Businesses need confidence that they can operate in a stable environment, and want a great return on their investment.
Brazil has stepped up to the challenge and has begun a campaign


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