4- Mat Review 2: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

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4-Mat Review
4- MAT Review 2: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
Liberty University
Diane Jaynes
McMinn, Ph.D., Mark R. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2011)
4- MAT Review 1: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling
McMinn used psychology, theology and spirituality in the process of supporting individuals with improving distinctive facets of their lives. For a counselor to be effective, McMinn stated throughout the book that it is very imperative that the therapist be fervent and resilient within their personal piety. (McMinn, 2011) McMinn talks about the numerous defenses therapists need to take and he also discussed limitations that counselors face. It can be perplexing for
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If the therapist does not judge the client for their sin, the counselor should then have to chance to develop a therapeutic relationship with the individual and nurture the client to where they can freely come clean so that they can get rid of the pessimism and bad thinking to free up for their own reconciling and mercy (McMinn, 2011). When the individual has come to the point in counseling that they are competent of acknowledging their sin and expose themselves to mercy, they will be capable of reinforcing a sense of self (McMinn, 2011). When the therapist has been victorious in confronting the core foundations, they will be at a point in counseling to have clearer perception of restoration and have generated a triumphant reconciling progression with their clients (McMinn, 2011).

Concrete Response I tend to agree with McMinn on knowing when and at what time, to use prayer and scripture in counseling. As a pastor’s wife, I have had individuals to come to me for counseling and advice and I have had to look at the individual’s situation before I would right off the bat use prayer and scripture. We all have sinned and come short the glory of God and we do not need someone else telling us what dirty rotten scoundrels we are, because a person knows what they have done and already feel bad about it. As