Gojo Case Questions

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1. How do GOJO’s market-facing BHAG and internal sustainability initiative complement each other to create sustainable value and further the achievement of both?

Sustainability of GOJO really began with the routes of the company and it has been part of its legacy. If we take it back to its founders GOLBIE and JERRY LIPPMAN sustainability was built in to their industrial business. It was and still about putting people and the wellbeing first. Today GOJO is a global leader in the skin health and hand hygiene. Everyday people rely on these products to stay healthy and protective in environments such as governments, healthcare, education and at home. The GOJO purpose is saving lives and making better thorough well-being solutions which
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3. What else could GOJO do to further embed sustainability? (Refer to sustainable value definition in the case and the six level frameworks?

As a start of the first level which is mitigating the risk in GOJO industries, they have focused on the chemical component of the product that will make it the safest product for people use which will attract people to reach the BHAG (one billion people every day). Second, they have developed the factory production chain to consume less water and less energy while making less solid wastes and less gas emission. Third, the main idea of GOJO products from the first place is one of the earliest innovations that they have created; however, differentiation in GOJO products was having a hand cleaner which is effective and safe for normal people usage that attract people to buy it which is increasing the sales. Nevertheless, it is moving along to fully embed the sustainability according to Project Green Beans initiative. Fourth, to fulfill the needs this level which is entering new markets, GOJO had choose the most field known with its internationally popularity which is health care that gives the automatic enter to deferent markets in deferent countries all over the world through the most trustful field’s organizations such health care entities that will distribute the name and make a demand for the product by just using it in those entities and organizations which will increase the


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