Business in Hong Kong

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Hong Kong
Moultre Spencer
BUSI 604-International Business
August 16, 2013
Presented for Frank Romanoski

Hong Kong is a country with a perspective on morals, values, and administrative ways which is a general reflection of the region of Asia which is based under Chinese rule. There are successes and failures with the process of change which are important. The effects of Hong Kong’s financial crisis can be a recovery with structural changes, and fluctuated fortunes of political parties with measurable of ups and downs which support of the government. The practices of different countries compared to Hong Kong’s two systems’ on focusing the conflict between two different
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The public attitudes toward the political leadership in Hong Kong have been a weakness for this nation and has continued to crumble in several crucial ways. There are public trust issues towards the government and the loyalty has been low in supporting the political elites. This low level of trust which the public shows leads to the lack of incentive of the population to form a coalition to strengthen popular appeal. Public endorsement of social and economic policy has exercised political power and influenced the population to side with the appeals of political leaders. These forces of appeals with political leaders help in competing with large number political elites (Siu-kai, 1994). The view of Hong Kong’s attitude toward political authorities can be reasonable and tends to argue the popular mistrust of its leaders from unfavorable public evaluation and political competence that the British and Chinese governments portray. It is also arguable for Hong Kong, that China might have projected their leaders of political powers to stand powerless and distrusted (Siu-kai, 1994). Leaders who owe their position to Chinese political sponsorship are considerably true when seen in the fact that the leaders closely connect with the Chinese government have failed to win a single election within the Legislative Council elections. The public’s attitudes towards their leaders are presently weak in two respects. Hong Kong has a strong but


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